Class A’z & Shugmonkey – Locked Down Ft. Rob Kelly (Music Video)

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Redzer :

illderbergs like the government we’ll go forever,
coz wer ruthless and both keep promoting terror,
oscar wilde on the beats man our qoutes are clever,
bill hicks in this bitch yeh our jokes are better,

could say wer haarp on a track coz wer controllin
wether or not, you dopes get buried like some golden treasure,
coz our flow so fresh your is old and leather,
im smooth as butter on this buddy your just mouldy cheddar,

i put in a bullet in your palm and let you hold a berretta,
but man you put them two together bro your gonna regret it,
im chuck norris on track in the middle of a mission,
i was shot the bullet ended up in critical condition,

fuck drop down put us in the pinnacle division,
coz we got this locked down like wer living in a prision,
say that wer intimiding mate a single look will kill em,
illderberg we wreck the building like wer in a fucking film….

Terawrizt :

illderberg run the world like skull and bones
original in a world thats full of clones
call us robert garside cause we run the globe,
raising interest like you went and took a loan
wit this oil baron rap, making money off the underground
bohemian grove style were burning down a wooden owl
illuminati rap, tri-lateral commission
we battle rap these other rappers battle avolition
so congrats bro, dublin to glasgow
these rappers now are so fake, there probably made by monsato
tumble down the rabbit hole, and maybe take a peek
are tracks are seeping through the airwaves like radiation leeks
illerberg, the new masonic order in rap,
we dumb it down like adding flouride to ur water on tap
the puppet master controllin world events like a pantomime
throw a peace and solidarity to palestine

Chorus :

illderberg on the drop, man the lads are sick
got this shit locked down like the Gaza Strip
got this shit locked down like the Gaza Strip (Woooow)
Thats another classic hit

illderberg on the drop, man the lads are sick
got this shit locked down like the Gaza Strip
got this shit locked down like the Gaza Strip (Woooow)
Isnt that some classic shit

Rob Kelly :

Yo im warning ya stank weed blowing like harmonicas
illderberg locking it down like its quantanamo
son of bitch son of a bast
some em dis none of em last
do the math yourself
you let bitches take half your cheque
im just tryin to get a bitch to pay half the rent
and shut the fuck up, play her position
lean over the stove get brains in the kitchen
smarten up give it to her like a matinee
pardoin mois french your bird get bench on a average
day she sent me a dm said she love me
and you kiss her on the cheek your disgusting
degenerate prick lack of a pimp skill
leave it on her chin like a pimple
pimp the system out living like a pimp will
wheel brace leave your face like spinning like a windmill


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  1. wtf ! this is the best piece of rap i`ve stumbled across in a long time ! big up ! u `ve guts 4 real keep it up ! this is a real piece of art !

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