Classified – Beautiful Escape (Official Video)

The official video for Classified’s “Beautiful Escape”, featuring Elijah. From the new album “Greatful”. Buy it here via Half Life Records/Universal Music Canada:

More info, merchandise and tour dates at

Directed by Jason Levangie


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Comment (36)

  1. I really wish Classified would get the recognition he deserves… Keep on dreaming and shooting high dude…

    Love your stuff.

  2. Why isn't this video up in the million views? Oh right, because people prefer to consume garbage. It's upsetting but for those of us who appreciate what these artists put out here.. I salute you. Class, can't wait for powerless video!

  3. Hey class… a long time ago on Youtube i used to watch a video where you made a beat in your studio with a Yankee cap and white t, it wasnt beatin it, what video is it?

  4. whoever dislikes this song, eat a dick. amazing song. amazing is putting it mildly. this is a master piece. been my favorite song since February. mad props Elijah and Class

  5. I live in switzerland and "found out" about this guy by the time of hith-hikin' Music… never stopped being facinated by this dude.

    MAN, it felt like he was my "friend" since then, because all those tracks got so much personality in them… ( and because i listened to him so much)


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