Classified performs Oh… Canada at the 2010 Juno Awards

Canadian Rapper Classified opens the 2010 Juno Awards with his single “Oh… Canada”.


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  1. I need to buy a load speaker so on Canada's 150th birthday (July 1st 2017) I can broadcast this song to everyone on my street. Next Canada day is gonna be a special one for sure.

  2. @LBDannyBoy heres something for you two think about Alexander Graham Bell famous Canadian inveted the Telephone and Henry Ford invented the vehicle (VEE-HICK-EL as you americans say) with out those two inventions YOU americans would still be writting letters and riding horse and buggy. So don't be dissing Canadians because a lot of famous people you hear singing on your radio and see on TV come from Canada

  3. Wow I don't like how he added in Justin Bieber. I don't want that little douche to be assoicated with this great land in any way, shape or form.

  4. alright wannah no how Canada is pretty much on top of everything Alright hip hop. rap DRAKE justin bieber more people know him then snoop dog thats funny now

  5. Classified – love you! Hate the censorship of this video – whaa?? (I watched other videos to see what he says. It's, Celine Dion singing that soft shit, Billy Talent rockin the mosh pit., etc. oh, guess I could have listened to the studio version to figure that out..!! )

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