Classroom Sunset | Lofi HipHop Mix |

Yūgen is not an allusion to another world. It is about this world, this experience…

🎧 Tracklist:
00:00 tzelun(daniel lee) – on the wind
01:29 DLJ – Seaside (w/ S-ilo)
04:13 mago – grnsh
● MelloWolf – Two Bar Loops Vol. 1
06:16 Sunset
07:48 Jars
09:22 Ficus
10:59 Swerv
12:49 Water
14:37 36
● Kupla x j’san – memories EP
16:37 Fireflies
18:25 Raindrops
20:50 Memories Fade
23:17 Out of town
25:47 Silver Lining
28:03 My Love
30:45 Memories Fade (Nymano Remix)
33:06 suhm.else_ – Interval
35:09 Oui Lele -3 am
37:12 Alcynoos – N i g h t B a l l a d
39:37Mojo – breeze.
43:12 mura kami – when you’ll smile again
46:29 RudeManners – Street Pharmacist
49:15 upper class – your eyes at night
51:32 ais.hill – (0.o)

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tzelun(daniel lee):
Oui Lele:
mura kami:
upper class:

⛩ Art:
By 阿鹿的alu

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Classroom Sunset | Lofi HipHop Mix |

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  1. It's school time so enjoy these vibes while you study
    Check out these playlists

    Best of…

    Useful links in the description
    Don't forget to subscribe if you liked it and hit the bell button to get notified when I upload

  2. It's winter break and I miss walking down the hallway at 3:30 pm (usually class break) and just sliding down my fingers across the windows, while the sun rays hits my body…

  3. Dying internally at my current call center job. I have a record with some misdemeanors so I just can't get any better administration jobs despite being probably the most qualified and talented individual in my field.
    Praying and hoping for better days to the somberness of these tracks.

  4. If only school was like this… I would wake up every morning excited for school instead of being so depressed about it I just wish the teachers put on lofi whilst doing work

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  6. My school is in south Auckland the land where the thugs be and when I look out side my window from the classroom all I see is Run down houses ,polices driving by every hoursof the day and the local neighborhod gangs biking around our school to fuck up anyone they see wearing red ,

    Not all of us can understand what yous feel and how but we can just hope for a better day ,and one day I will move away from my roots .

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