Club For Five – Sassy

Joulukiertue 2014 “Jouluna” liput:


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  1. Okay. I know that his bass is CRAZY low and clear and just fucking out of this world. An Eb1 in what sounds like the clearest chest voice I've ever heard. But are we going to ignore the F#5 at 2:50? His range is inhuman. This is beyond wild.

  2. Yes. I suspect there is a lack of definitions here. If a song can be both a genre and beatboxing/acapella at the same time, then either
    a) Rock is not a genre, and beatboxing/acapella is, or
    b) Beatboxing/acapella is a genre, and rock isn't.

    Or a song can be several genres at the same time, but that kind of defeats the purpose of using the concept 'genre', I think.

  3. well, i'm not actually sure about that, but in my opinion, music without instruments are a cappella. You can also beatbox a techno song or michael jackson, but it's still beatboxing right?

  4. You sure that's a genre though, rather than a performance format?

    Rock songs could be performed acapella, but they're still rock. No?

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