Cold Crush battles The Fantastic Five – Harlem World 1981 (restored)

Cold Crush battles The Fantastic Five – Harlem World 1981


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  1. i am 36 for and i am not from this eara and contry but i wish i was there , be proud of what you create out off negative , real rap stand for somthing , brother hood , help each person for real , be down for your family hood , peache to all oldschool rapper out there , it dosent make a mather you are major or local or home town bassed , you all togher put a thing out who nobody belive in but the culture itselve , but today all jumped on the banwagon to make some bank , and fuck th hohle culture , or be africa rappe africa , i did that and i a m sorry !!!!????????????????

  2. This thing called hip hop is extraordinary coming up in the era was my teenage yrs 1st time I heard of GMF was @ McCoombs Park on Jerome Ave in the Boogie B.X I was 12 yrs old & was hooked like a a crackhead 1st blast many stories & favorite hip hop moments Hanging out with busy bee…JDL from the Cold Crush
    Kevie kev & Mstr Rob this was the time 78,79, &80's good times & memories

  3. OMG can't believe I found it I had this tape back in the day. I wish the sound quality could be improved This is hip hop 😊

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