Coming Soon: A New Podcast With Stretch & Bobbito

Coming Soon: A New Podcast With Stretch & Bobbito

It’s a reunion 19 years in the making. Hip-hop radio veterans Stretch and Bobbito are back, only this time, it’s happening on NPR.

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  1. thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to listen to an era of hip hop culture which was unfortunately inaccessible simply due to the limitations of the very time in which this all took place yet has had such a tremendous impact on our lifestyle therefore culture here in São Paulo, Brazil, a place where funnily enough this same movement was also beginning to take shape around the same time these guys were on the air. Once again a big thank you to NPR coming from a native Paulista who also relied on a radio show called Espaço Rap to know what was going on on the scene. Espaço Rap, 105.1 Fame, Live every evening showcasing mainly São Paulo Hip Hop for twenty years now, just like these guys did back then. #espaçorap

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