COMPLETE – Loony Bin (feat. The Psych Ward)

COMPLETE – Loony Bin (feat. The Psych Ward)



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  1. There is 144, 000 Martyrs this time we live in the "Christ" Collective conscience part of the Universe although the MArtyrs have been known by many Names through History with each death suffered a Fragment lost on there Journey turned into a soul wishing itself into existence..

    THis has been the Fibinachi Sequence of Hyper Sould evolution even Fractel Maths and sacred gemotry/Astrology then even the Jeohvah WItness beleave 144, 000 will get into heaven… i think 144, 000 will unlock Heaven/Nirvana On Earth without art is just eh…

    So you are one till you prove you are not one then your not one till you pprove you are one but others will prove it to you… Psych wards.. Looney Bins…. Cells…. MIND Prisons ghandi said my mind sets me free so unlock your brain when your body is trapped those of us who have proved and been proved and improved will hear you in our reflections of each other for we are Heyoka Empaths we are Great shapeshifting Mirrors and when we reflect of each of all of us we are forever infinite… although we alreadt are…

    R.I.P the Martyrs we have lost along the way… Chester… Robbin….Tupac… And Fly 4eVa Martyrs who still fly for us… Complete… NF…. AND dont sell out with copyright buggery your in the music to make music not make money i know we need to pay our bills but if you think your music being sold out helps pay your bills then you need to look in your backyard for the skeletons buried there

    Complete Vs Jordan – im JORDAN and you started attacking me in that video

    NF – forgive me for saying but upstairs with god your mother is so proud of you little rapper keep it from the heart!

    Love you all!!! remember money if fake currency but in this current world it can mean a diamond ring to the love of your life to a 20$ of slow/go to get you through a few hours till your next house burg..

    ALL Artists i beg to come talk to me i will find you if its ment to be and we can refract in our reflections but if you are unworthy then i pray you just find worth in yourself then you may find worth in another even me who survives on 50$ SHOPPING for a week and is on a DSP but because i can speake good englrish they think im able, there poison and attempt to normalize me has left me handicapped for life trapped inbetween worlds of FIGHT?FLIGHT — FEELING?EMOTION — WELL INTENT?ILL INTENT

  2. Have to appreciate the raw talent and story behind your lyrics.

    Never really been into or understood rap genre but I will definatly buy your guys album and rock it out in country QLD.

    Keep it up lads…

    Talented much…… faaarrrk yes …


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