Cormega – Unforgiven (2001)

Cormega – ‘Unforgiven’ • Produced by Gold Fingas Aka Spank’s Brother

from the album, “The Realness” (Great LP ..Slept On By Many)
Albulm Released: 2001
Sample: Yusef Lateef – ‘Passacaglia’ Off His 1970 Album “Suite 16”


Cormega: “I just wanted it to be gutter. There’s a certain raw Mega that people used to really like. Even now people say they wish I would do some shit like that and be that raw person, but I’m not that person anymore in life. I wanted that record to be hard and I’d already released a hard edge song, but I wanted something new that no one ever heard, so that’s what ‘Unforgiven’ was.

“That was a raw fucking record. The producer’s name isn’t actually Spank Brother, it’s Gold Fingas. What happened was at the time he didn’t have a producer name back then, and The Realness was a rushed album, so the credits and the artwork needed to be turned in early because it takes a certain amount of time for the album to get printed. So I needed a name for him and at the time he ain’t have no name. I was trying to get in touch with him but I couldn’t so I didn’t know what to do.

“So Spank’s brother produced it…it was the last day to turn the album in and we still didn’t have a name for him yet, so I was like fuck it. Put Spank’s Brother because that was my man Spank’s brother. So that’s how that name got on there. And when I do the sequel to The Realness, I’m gonna try to bring every producer that was on the first one on the sequel, so when he appears on the sequel, God willing, he’ll be Gold Fingas.”


[Verse 1]
Yo, I’m contemplatin’
My soul is in a custody fight with God and Satan
The rap or crack, I go hard for paper
Niggas ain’t even as smart as Daja
And think they rockin’ me to sleep or poppin’ me with heat
I don’t even take you serious, I think you envious
I feel it, I was born to deal bricks
And come through the hood in ill whips
The Realness, who you think you deal with
I don’t fear shit nigga, fuck around and get hit up
Ya blood stains the pavement like paint from a portrait I painted
Ya moms seen the coffin and fainted
You swimmin’ with the sharks and the water is tainted
If you feel it in your heart (bring it)
My infrared beam is on ya head
My Desert Eagle severs people when I squeeze it
I measure keys, you smalltime, barely felony
Only bigtime with jealousy, my mind tellin’ me
Fight like a mantis, you triflin’ badgers wanna see me in a casket
Stop dreamin, life’s a bitch I’m not leavin’
I’m not even, cheatin’ on, or bring it on, so I can start squeezin’

My nigga Biggie must have prophesied
When they said +Somebody Gotta Die+
My nigga Pac must have felt deception
When he asked, nigga “do you wanna ride or die?”

[Verse 2]
Y’all niggas better duck when you fuck with me
Trust is a luxury, I can’t afford it, so I prepare for war
I smear the wall two of ya mans with plans you sweared were flawless
I turned kids to orphans and live with caution
You can’t match the status, in a Jag with +10 Crack Commandments+
Blazin’, fake niggas can’t stand it
I got shit established, strugglin’ your hustlin’ skills are average
Look and learn bitch, my cooker turn
A key to a key and a half, and he don’t even use a lot of heat on the glass
I surpass Nino, blast like Callito, die slow
The fast life is evil, I’m designed to blow
Like a nigga who need time on the phone, you get it?
Forget it son, I’m in a zone, I’m a live nigga
When I decide niggas, must die, kiss ya loved ones goodbye nigga
It’s fucked up, but it’s justified I got cliques
That go through brick and whips customized motherfucker
I get money, sit on bricks and twenties
Niggas ain’t takin’ shit from me



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