Costello – High Altitude (official Video)

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Written By Costello
Produced by Gerryboy
Visuals by Anthony Fynes
Track taking from the new album Overnight Legends (out May 2016)
Also find previous albums on bandcamp

Gerryboy beats also available


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Comment (43)

  1. You guys are the best .when i was a kid i used to play outside Thomas Mcdonagh tower me . & me bros grew up along yr raps in all yr hopes & dreams brother. Respect to you & yr crew. Costello. Tom.

  2. yo costo, if you see this and i hope you do. we need to make a tune together. i apy hommage as i say this. keep up the good work. hip+hop you cant stop

  3. Does costello have a channel? His songs are scattered around a few channels and I think it would help him a lot more having one channel for his fans to go to. Definitely the best rapper in Ireland!

  4. pill bags "high in the sky after we burn a few " wtf is wrong with voice sounds like tom the rapper an deanie weanie an the rest of the the fuckin donkeys think there leathel when 5000 views has you on a high lethel rapper what about the millions an billions of people laughing at you absolute clown !!!

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