Cowboy Bebop | Lofi Hiphop & Jazzhop Mix

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a tribute mix to the anime that got my channel on the map. I doubt any of you would know this but the first mix I ever made was a Cowboy Bebop one. It went somewhat viral reaching almost 2 million views before it got taken down… Well, it’s been over a year now and I feel like I’ve complied some of the best jazzy Bebop vibes you can find. Its a million times better than my original mix and I’m quite proud of it. Hope you guys love it ❤️

0:00 – Bell Peppers & Beef | Kendall Miles x Mukashi
3:06 – hushed | quickly, quickly
5:47 – solitude by nymano
8:16 -夜の波 | mura kami
10:53 – drm sqnc 1 | Idst
12:26- bebop | bsd.u
14:06 – white widow | bsd.u
16:13 – Fleur De Mer | Kendall Miles
19:00 – just wanna chill | DOMINANT
22:51 – you’re gonna carry that weight | cormac
26:32 – wisdom | DOMINANT
29:47 – departure | nymano
32:18 – 24/7 | Kendall Miles
34:32 – Waltz for Venus | Kendall Miles x Mukashi
38:21 – youth | Kendall Miles
40:37 – loop jazz | didi crazz
44:02 – commute | dekobe
46:55 – douceur | nymano
48:55 – this girl | nymano
51:12 – yuki | Mukashi
56:00 – surely smooth | didi crazz
58:48 – early wake up | nymano
1:00:26 – bloom intro | johto


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Kendall Miles


quickly ,quickly


mura kami





didi crazz



GIF and intro scene are from Cowboy Bebop


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  1. Man it's sad kid's say I'm weird that i watch anime and read manga god it's like I'm Naruto running in the hall's they just don't know how deep anime can be even thou I'm a 2000s kid im happy my dad watched anime in the 90s becasue he showed me anime can be an art

  2. Man some anime game company better come out with a cowboy bebop game and i mean a very detailed game if dragon ball game can be detailed almost every time one is released a cowboy bebop game can to

  3. I was hoping this shit wouldn't get a copyright claim on my stream but it did. But god damn that bell pepper beef tastes so good, even with no beef!

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