Creole Hip Hop is betterThan Reggaeton…

This is a hot Track from Easy One,one of the best rappers in Haiti. Too much reggaeton out there my peoples..we need to Promote this rap kreyol movement


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  1. hey who said all those shit look im haitian ok u rap they reaggaeton ok u cant never make different btween them ok listen ur self u just start wit ur revolution rap not even ready to have ur own beat so wat the fuck u dont do ur shit let them do their shit ok

  2. No disrespect but us Hispanics need to do our own thing… We got the numbers now and we need to support eachother… I say fuck everybody else if you not Hispanic "Latino Stand Up."

  3. if that is better than reggae ton why i never heard before ??? and that never gone make more money than the reggae ton

  4. "Too much reggaeton out there my peoples"

    LOL I'm Puerto Rican and I think that correct, TOO MUCH FUCKING REGGAETON.

    Greetings to the Haitian Brothers
    Long Live the United Caribbean!!!

  5. Reggeaton needs grows much better then the beginning. But then haitians like complexity in there music. It is repetative

  6. The title for this video is unecessary. It just creates arguements amognst the inmature. You're pretty inmature for trying to start beef between two islands that are so similar and so close to each other. We have like cultures, so to say one is better than the other is like comparing bananas and oranges. We're different but we both have a unique flavor. Big up to Puerto Rico and Haiti.

  7. This is your opinion that this music is better than hip hop.

    My opinion is that this, and hip hop and rap have similar, slow, boring beats.

    Reggaeton beats are much more upbeat and can actually keep me awake 🙂

  8. To Obierara aka Marathon: About that Digicel shit you said…why would a company like digicel invest in you?. The music you have sounds like home made shit that didin't get processed in studio..they sound awful and you tell me digicel wanted to spend $ 500,000 on you? NEGRO PLEASE KEEP SAYING FUCK GRIMO FUCK ALAN CAVE…DON'T GIVE ME THAT BULLSHIT

  9. TO Obierara AKA Marathon: Having a degree means that your brain goes futher than just knowing how to survive in the streets. Does your brain go anywhere futher than just knowing how to hate on people, and hold a mic to diss people who are way better than you??

  10. Marathon, your ass is just an unknown hater trying to get fame on YOUTUbE by dissing people you wish you could be like, people that don't give a fuck about you and don't even think your ass exist. Your rap sound like shit…have you ever listened to yourself rapping, and compared it to those you dissed? Dude you're WACK like wacko jacko

  11. creole hip hop is mostly only hot in haiti. how r u gonna attack reggaeton? u got nothin on it. i love "hip hop" and reggaeton, and its only gettin more and more mainstream every year. were world wide babi. i think its very ignorant of u to say this, when u should be askin 4 our help to bring u out in the public eye. come on man.

  12. dat aint true .
    they as much hip hop star. first do u spaek. in fact to prove to u .
    y u go listen pitball song. and let me wuz good.

  13. yeahhhhhhhhhh easyone yeah kettttt neg sa toujou bon yo boy si jamais ou vle yon sit web man u gotta be online man i offer u that freeeeeeee mannnn holla at me anytime we got to set a real website for hiphop creole….i might be in haiti for a while soon so.. nou ka fe projet ca anyway i wanna do my part for the movement

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