EMINEM Interview: What Does It Take to Take the #1 Spot?

Crook’s Corner: Exclusive Interview w/ Eminem

This exclusive episode of Crook’s Corner features Kxng Crooked interviewing Eminem. This is Eminem’s first interview since the release his “Music To Be Murdered By” album. Crook and Em discuss everything from Eminem’s new album to the current state of the rap game in 2020. Eminem also answers fan questions and discusses his top 50 rappers of all time list.

Stream “Music To Be Murdered By” by Eminem – http://smarturl.it/MTBMB

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Comment (28)

  1. I LOVE em, but is it me or does he not seem to wanna answer the fan questions??
    I think it’s because there quite personal, but he swerves that and goes back to talking about his list of top rappers lol

  2. Man em is so humble it becomes annoying at times.
    Like just fucking accept that you are definitely in everybody's top 50 and that you are undeniably a top 10 rapper of alltime.
    When crooked asked him about the producer shit and he agreed with him, I was like yeah Marshall thats facts then this motherfucker was like I'm kidding… Really?

  3. Yo mark my words. Your gonna be sitting in the car with me boss, listening to my whole album. Then were probably gonna freestyle for a while and probably record songs. And have lots of fun brothah. Just wait brothah. Just wait.

  4. RIP Juice Wrld, dude had skills but had to dumb it down for the masses. That’s what made ppl question him. He had hours worth of freestyles. And I’m sure he has multiple albums ready to go with his skill. Don’t surround yourself with the wrong ppl who wanna use you.
    If he had real “homies” around him. Someone else could have taken the charges, or hidden the pills. But no. Dude had hood dudes around him/yes men, fuck you scummy ass ppl who use others for your advantage. Rip to a young legend. Prayers to his family n “Real” friends. This shouldn’t happen to ppl who can make a change in their community. But it does n that’s sad. Much love to the family of Juice Wrld. Many blessings towards your way.
    I honestly had a lot of respect for him. I knew he was either ahead/behind his time. But he adapted to this modern culture quickly. And it’s sad to say, but this new generation is a bunch of dope fiends nowadays.And a group of idiots who promote the use of drugs, without knowing the long term affects. Not just regular drugs like weed n coke. But hard pharmaceuticals. Y’all need to get off them. Do regular drugs like the older folks. These new/man-made drugs will mess your minds up. That’s why we have so many mental illnesses now. All these drugs are fuckin us up

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