D Smoke – Black Habits (Official Video)

D Smoke – Black Habits (Official Video)

Listen to the album “Black Habits”. Out now!
Stream: https://Empire.lnk.to/BlackHabitsYo

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#DSmoke #BlackHabits #WoodWorksRecords

Official music video by D Smoke – Black Habits © 2020 WoodWorks Records / EMPIRE



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Comment (45)

  1. God D-Smoke that was beautiful. You and your team make such beautiful art.

    This is the epitomy of why I love well done music videos. I seriously love the combination of beautiful music, the storytelling, the cinematography and the costumes. Each play a roll in convaying a unified message.

    I don't always understand rap and poetry, but you have my attention sir, you have my attention. Please continue to create for the world. Tell your truth, I'm listening.

  2. A Message To The World: Let it be known that on this day Feb 13, 2020, the rapper known as D Smoke made his grand entrance to the main stage of Hip Hop and made us African Americans so proud to be who we truly are BLACK!

  3. Dope hermano, chingon
    Ever since Let Migo gotta love that he adds spanish in his shit, makes me for once feel privileged that I understand everything fluent, in case you wondered coming from a Native Spanish speaker. He fluent 100% too

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