D12’s Bizarre on a Tiger Not Changing its Stripes

D12’s Bizarre on Joe Budden Dissing Eminem’s Album. Willing to Meet in the Streets of Detroit

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Bizarre goes at Joe Budden for being disloyal, turning on Eminem and biting the hand that fed him. Responds to Joe Budden calling him out to fight in the streets of Detroit.

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Comment (38)

  1. the fact these guys still scared to speak their truth about Em is sad, Em was never paying Joe Budden's rent lol, he was wealthy before signing a split 1 million deal between 4 people. Pure stupidity, blind loyalty isn't healthy, and Em screwed D12 over he has done nothing for them the past like 15 years lol, still loyal like an ex bitch tryna get back, they know Em is still their only hope of ever getting on again, but they were doing verses for like $500 (probably still are), check out Canibus Airstrike song, M80 said they paid like $1000 for those D12 verses some years back, shits funny. Imagine they gotta do that kinda shit to get by because Em who's worth like 100 million doesnt even work with D12 anymore

  2. The difference between Bizarre & Joe is that one is clearly independent and self reliant and serves as more to the culture than black-up 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Bite the hand that fed him. Everything that Budden has accomplished is despite Eminem not because of Eminem.

  3. Everybody keeps telling me to get into the rap game, you can make it your shit is dope. One of the main reasons I don't want to get into it is because of childishness and pettiness. So someone dissed you, that's part of rap and battles. You're in one of the businesses where you need thick skin the most and noone in this game has it, all worried about who hurt their feelings always feeling some type of way. I wasn't born into this world expecting everyone to like me. People have different opinions, that's part of fucking life, grow up and get over it. Someone says they don't like your song and that's enough for a grown man to want to take it to the streets over something so petty. Who the fuck expects every single person in this world to like the same musical artist or the same song? Big shit, you found someome that doesnt like you 🤷‍♂️… Just a world of jealousy, envy, pettiness, childishness, and untrustworthy people all around you.. you got 40 year old men beefing with each other over gettin their feelings hurt over stupid shit. At the age where you're supposed to start maturing more than in the past and having too much to lose and realizing what's petty and what's not and what to let go..shit is gay AF. Part of being in the music business is critiques and criticism and none of you have the backbone to handle that shit. Have all the money you could have ever dreamed of, reached your goals and fulfilled your dreams, and you're still 40 years old willing to throw all that away cuz you want to keep getting in trouble and surround yourself with loser gang members and shit.. these guys aren't deserving of the benefits that success brings.

  4. I'm kinda happy Joe BUDDEN opened his mouth about eminem because it lit a fire under Eminem's ass and he gave us Kamikaze awesome album Music to be murdered by 🔥

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