D’Angelo & Amerigo Gazaway – Variations Of Voodoo: A Tribute (Full EP)

D’Angelo & Amerigo Gazaway – Variations Of Voodoo: A Tribute (Full EP)

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of D’Angelo’s classic “Voodoo”, Amerigo reimagines several of his favorite D’Angelo cuts using live instruments and samples. The result is a mixture of hip-hop, gospel, house, neo-soul and R&B.

Side A

0:00 Devil’s Pie (Gospel MIx)
2:47 Left & Right feat. Method Man & Redman
8:03 Spanish Joint

Side B

11:39 Sugah Momma (Interlude)
13:13 Brown Sugar [Bonus Track]
16:27 Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine [Bonus Track]

released January 22, 2020

Written & Performed by D’Angelo
Produced by Amerigo Gazaway
Soul Mates 2020

Download and support here: https://soulmatesproject.bandcamp.com/album/variations-of-voodoo-a-tribute-to-dangelo

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Comment (32)

  1. Trash… Voodoo album was the days when he was tryna make “club friendly music” to appease executives instead of makin music from the heart like the first album. Wasn’t tryna follow nobody or sound like “What’s poppin rn” bullshit and just went the dope route. Shame indeed

  2. Something is telling me I need to see a cover from him of the lastest songs.. I fuc with Mr D. He has his own lane. So his own sound with his band sound. Me personally, i rather here a whole cover album just to hear many sounds in vocals he can do. Thus transition. But still im a fan.🙏

  3. Thank you so much for this. For us Lover's of this Black music, Michael Archer's contributions are sacred. Russell Procope (one of Duke Ellington's Alto saxophonist and clarinetists) talked about how Duke's new arrangements of his previous music was like freshly blooming flowers. This made me think of that. Thanks again. Bless you. Peace

  4. You know it's going to be such a colorful mix when it starts with sounds so widely open and catchy. Beautiful colab between mister Angelo and Gazaway.
    Thank you, A-Ok! 🤘

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