Daniel Kaluuya talks about the Black Panther film, his Oscar Nomination and more

Daniel Kaluuya joins Dotty in the studio to discuss the Black Panther film. Daniel tells Dotty what being in the film means to him and how representation is important. He also responds to Samuel L Jackson’s comments about his performance in Get Out and talks about his Oscar nomination.

Get more from Dotty and the 1Xtra Breakfast show here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04dc12l


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  1. Just SUBSCRIBED to this channel Because of Dotty! Amazing interviewer! She needs a talk show on tv I picture her like Ellen but black lol!

  2. Ain't nothing to be Angry about he don't know London all yanks think it's tea and biscuits … we know that already so why be quick to get mad .. if Bruce Willis said it u wouldn't be pissed … but we quick to get angry at our own .. let's have some respect for out elder. He don't know bout what we go through out here simple let's not play dumb like we don't know what the yanks think of us ffs. Just relax and move up and on .

  3. I agree that we have to support what we want to see HOWEVUH, this is the first movie that we have collectively wanted to see. If we supported other movies in the past, they always left us feeling beat down. I must say that although we are supporting the Black Panther, the 2nd and 3rd installments MUST fix all the issues from the first. Example….no CIA agents, a better view of black love between a man and woman, no lesbian or gay characters, no killing of all Americans, etc. I can go on. Love this movie alot but, totally Woke on the subliminal messages that have been inserted by Disney/Marvel investors. There is alot to unpack in this movie and African Americans, in particular has to see the long term picture.

  4. I went through the comments section thinking there'd be a few more people stating their disappoinment in Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, but I guess it was just me and some other person. Anyway, I liked Daniel's response. He was very chill and respectful.

  5. A bit disappointed that Samuel L. Jackson said that. I mean, what's it got to do with anything? What would an African American bring to it that a British person couldn't? Daniel Kaluuya killed it. He did justice to the character. What is Mr. Jackson being salty about? He himself has played pop culture versions of what it means to be black.
    With all due respect to Mr. Jackson, you're American. You aren't any more African than Daniel is. Is he really gonna sit there and pretend like African Brits ( forgive me if that isn't the correct terminology), is he gonna pretend like they didn't suffer through slavery either? I don't understand where he's coming from at all. If he was fussing about Killmonger, had Killmonger been played by a Brit, I'd say~" ok, fair enough. You could raise an objection." But like, What's the prob with Wakabi being played by a Brit? Letitia isn't of African heritage. And if you have issue with Daniel or Letitia, then apart from Danai and Lupita, none of these actors should be playing AFRICANS. African American does not equal African. The point of the movie is to celebrate inclusiveness and open mindedness, and Samuel L. Jackson's mouthing off cz Wakabi wasn't played by "an American black brotha"???

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