Dappy performs No Regrets at BBC 1Xtra Live in Manchester

See Dappy performing the track No Regrets as part of his 1Xtra Live performance in Manchester.


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  1. Love the Music, but thought i would really dislike him when he went into the BB House. How wrong you can be. I really like the guy and he is nothing like the person portrayed by the press. Funny guy and makes me appreciate, you shouldn't believe what you read in the papers.

  2. he is fucking singing its not easy to rap and sing on stage and people who are slagging this song have got no room to talk it went to number fucking 1

  3. He did sing… In stage perfomances, they dont sing the WHOLE song. The man on the DECKS mixes in the Vocals to the beat depending on wether the artist is actually singing/rapping etc on the mic.. In the studio u have time to catch your breathe and prepare for when the beat drops, however on stage, its not so simple, so its more about how you engage the audience to the performance.

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