Dark Lo – American Made (Full Album)

Dark Lo – American Made (Full Album)

Dark Lo – American Made, Available here: https://everythingdarklo.com/american-made-album or all major streaming platforms.
Label: Next Records, LLC
Featuring: Benny the Butcher, Ar-Ab, Dajah Monae
Producers: V Don, Chup, God Bless, NY Bangaz, J.Demers & others
Dark Lo – American Made
01. American Made feat. Dajah Monae
02. The Offer
03. Push The Button
04. Blow 5 feat. Ar-Ab
05. Milwaukee
06. Janitor Work
07. Ripped Apart feat. Benny The Butcher
08. Super Sturdy
09. Free El Chapo
10. Jogging Easy
11. Soy
12. Back In The Day

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  1. my favorite track off this album is song 1 with miss monae. the song american made is a raw depiction of black history. dark lo your one of the most lyrical artists one the eastcoast

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