Das EFX – If Only (1992)

Das EFX – If Only (Vinyl, Audio)

Das EFX – If Only – Das EFX is an American hip hop duo consisting of Mcs Skoob (also known as Books, born William “Willie” Hines, November 27, 1970) and Dray (also known as Krazy Drayzy, born Andre Weston, September 9, 1970).

They rose to popularity in the early 1990s due to their affiliation with EPMD’s Hit Squad and the duo’s stream of consciousness lyrical delivery, which became one of the most influential lyrical styles in hip hop music during the early 1990s. Their style combined nonsensical lines with a fast-paced flow (that included words that end with “-iggedy”) and numerous pop culture references.

From the album, Dead Serious.

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Comment (21)

  1. And it go a little something like this" "Hit it!"

    Shiggity shoz-bots, hots, I rocks
    I kiggity-kicks the drama like a farmer picks the crops
    Hops, I diggity-digs more wigs than John The Baptist
    They call me Mr. Rapper so I guess I be the rappist
    No practice, yo Krayzie (Diggity yes?), knocker
    Don't bolo like Han Solo, come work like Chewbacca
    So ease back, slick, or get kicked in the tush
    Yep, I call ya Snaggle if your puss-
    Ee gads, I rip shop, until the roof fell in
    and plus I piggity-pop your shit like ?Jugglo Ellen?
    But umm, rarely does my crew get into beefus
    I fliggity-flips the mould like the gold that's on my cheebas
    Oh Jesus, I'm the youngest, Flipsy be the eldest
    I'm hipper than the hip bone connected to your pelvis
    So hickory dickory dock, diggity-don't your wish

    "If only it sounded like this" "…..like this"
    repeat x2
    "like, this" "like, this"
    "If only it sounded like this" "…….like this"
    "If only it sounded like this" "…….like this"
    scratching of "like this"

    Shibbity-bop, shibbity-boo, check out the way I drops the scoop
    I'm kniggity-knockin butts out, daily, troop
    I friggity-fry the funk that's why they call me Krazyie Drayzie
    I giggity-gots more props than that kid named Beatle Bailey
    The boogity-woogity Brooklyn boy, he's cool like Grizzly ruin
    I swingity-swing more shit than Tarzan be doin
    I heard that shit was thick that's why I spick like I was span
    then I umm, flip my bit and take a dip like A-qua-man
    So, umm, figgity-fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell blunts
    I gibbity-got lines like Evil Knievel got bitch stunts
    Ya dunce, I'm diggity-down with The Hit Squad, aight
    I flippity-fly more heads than Benjamin flew kites
    so I, stiggity-start the spliffin, give me your lips so I can rock
    I got more skills than John Han got cock
    So hickory dickory dock, diggity don't you wish……

    "If only it sounded like this" "…..like this"
    repeat x2
    "like, this" "like, this"
    "If only it sounded like this" "…….like this"
    "If only it sounded like this" "…….like this"
    "If only it sounded like this" "…….like this"
    "If only it sounded like this" "…….like this"
    scratching of "like this"

    And a way we go, priggity-praise the Lord, Our Father
    I kiggity-caught The Love Boat, ???? ????
    I'm finnicky like the cap' but shoots more funk than Funkadelic
    It's diggity-Das EFX umm, chum, can you smell it?
    Yippity-yapper doozy, watch me ease on down the road, hun
    So come on, baby, and do the loco-motion
    Umm, so now what the fuck?

    I give em a sugar smack then they crack like Daffy Duck
    Schmuck, I'm kniggity-knarly, dude, hey swick em
    I biggity-bangs the chunks 'cause they plumps when I cook em
    I quiggity-quick-quick, diggity-dick-dick, tiggity-tick-tack-toe
    So figado, figado, figado, figa-do
    I'm niggity-not the herb but look at the burb, it's gonna stunt
    I figgity-funk up Sanford, and his fuckin Son

    So hickory dickory dock, diggity don't you wish

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