Dave – Black (Live at The BRITs 2020)

Dave – Black (Live at The BRITs 2020)

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  1. 😁 Check my Playlists
    Nasa and Other Space Agency Workers, just work in their Sectors and Do their Jobs like We All do, their Just the 95-99% of At the Bottom to Mid Level of the Pyramid Scheme of that Organisation.
    They don't know, they Believe it's Real and have been Brainwashed and Indoctrinated like Most of Humanity.
    Only The 1%… That's the "Bosses, Higher-ups, Telemetry Data guys" and "Astronauts" that would Know.
    They Are Liars and Manipulators!
    All Astronauts are Freemasons and Millitery, Sworn to Secrecy.
    "Compartmentalised Nasa and All Other Space Agencies" are just one of the Many "Hands" Owned by the Globalist Elitists and Secret Society's Rulers.

    The Rest of the Majority Nasa and Other Space Agency Workers Essentially get "Fake News" from the Few "Telemetry Data Guys" who are Higher Up Workers at NASA and So On. 😉

    ( We All Live in A PYRAMID Scheme, HIERARCHY Controlled SYSTEM of Manipulation from Elitists Manipulators and Controllers, who are "MONARCHS, CENTRAL BANKERS and JESUET'S."
    Or Better Known as the Less Than 1%…

    Damn, What A World We Live In 😑

    They are All Ruling, Manipulating and Controlling at the Top of their Pyramid Scheme System, Through TV, The Media, Their So Called Education System and Their Mind Indoctrinating "Scientism" Religion…
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    We are the 7.8 Billion Human Population at the Very Bottom of This Pyramid Scheme System. ) 😮

    *We Have Only Discovered 5% of the Known "OCEAN'S" of this Earth and are Not Allowed to go Past "ANTARCTICA."
    Yet People are Indoctrinated and Brainwashed into Blindly Believing Lying Deceiving "Corporate Fascist, Elitist Central Bankers and Controlled Governments" About Ridiculous, Absurdities of Millions and Trillions of Miles and Light Years of Fantasy "OUTER-SPACE."🙄
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    1961 – Kennedy says the US is going to Moon.
    1969 – NASA budget is $4 Billion
    1969 – NASA goes to Moon.
    1969 – NASA goes to Moon again.
    1971 – NASA goes to Moon again.
    1971 – NASA goes to Moon again.
    1972 – NASA goes to Moon again.
    1972 – NASA goes to Moon again.
    1979 – NASA begs for more $ (10th anniversary).
    1979 – NASA budget is $4 Billion.
    1989 – BUSH build base on Moon (20th Anniversary).
    1989 – BUSH calls for Mission to Mars.
    1989 – NASA budget is $11 Billion.
    1996 – CLINTON sending robot to Mars (not people).
    1999 – NASA 30th anniversary of Moon landing..
    1999 – NASA budget is $13 Billion.
    2004 – BUSH says we are going to Moon by 2020.
    2004 – BUSH increases NASA budget.
    2008 – OBAMA supports 2020 Moon Mission.
    2009 – OBAMA cancels 2020 Moon Mission.
    2009 – NASA cancels Moon Base plans.
    2009 – NASA budget is $18 Billion.
    2010 – NASA says the Moon is shrinking.
    2017 – TRUMP creates Space Force.
    2017 – TRUMP returning to the Moon by 2024.
    2017 – TRUMP Mars Mission possible by 2024.
    2017 – NASA running out of Spacesuits.
    2017 – NASA cancels Lunar Orbit plan.
    2019 – First woman on Moon by 2024.
    2019 – NASA budget is $20 Billion
    2019 – NASA 2024 Moon Mission plan is not ready.
    2019 – 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing
    2020 – NASA Now Saying Moon Mission will be in 2028…🤭😂🤣
    They just Keep "Pushing the Dates up and Getting More Money." 🤑
    Also cause it's Even more Harder to Fake in this Day and Age, but the Brainwashed Apologist Fanboys will Still Argue for them, when will they Wake Up! 😉

    Haven't you figured out that this is a complete scam??

    The United States has spent $601.31 billion on NASA. When adjusted for inflation the cumulative figure is $1.32 trillion, an average of $22.03 billion per year over its entire History.

    WikiLeaks (JULIAN ASSANGE) Releases MOON LANDING Cut Scenes Filmed in Nevada Dessert.
    (A Must Watch) 😮… 😂🤣

    "NASA" and The United Nation's "Antarctic Treaty" both were created in 1958.
    And "DARPA." The "Defence Advance Research Projects Agency" was also Created in 1958.
    After Congressional hearings during spring 1958, Congress passed the legislation and President Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act into law on: July 29th, 1958.
    "The Antarctic Treaty" :
    On May 3rd, 1958. President Eisenhower invited the "Soviet Union" and 10 other Nations "Now 53 Nations" involved with Antarctica research to begin Secret negotiations that would result in adoption of the Antarctic Treaty in Washington D.C.
    "DARPA": The Defence Advance Research Projects Agency was Created with A National sense of Urgency in February 1958 amidst one of the most dramatic moments in the History of the Cold War and Already-Accelerating Pace of Technology.
    Also Mysteriously "Admiral E Byrd" Died A Year before in "1957".
    Guess, they didn't like Him Revealing so much to the Public about what's beyond Antarctica, that they want Hidden from all of Us. 😉

    *Most Environmental Movements Started in the 1960's to 1970's.
    "Protocol on Environmental Protection" to the "Antarctic Treaty" Also known as the "Antarctic-Environmental Protocol" or the "Madrid Protocol" has only been part of the Antarctic Treaty System Since 1991. 👈😂
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    All After These Operations in Antarctica. 😉
    Operation High Jump (1946-1947)

    Also Research: 😎
    "The Biggest Elitist and Secret Society meeting Group in the World."
    BILDERBERG: Was Created in May 1954.
    "The World's Largest Hadron and High-Energy Particle Collider"
    CERN: Was Created October 29th 1954.
    Both "Cern and Bilderburg" Were Created in 1954.

    More Operations in Antarctica. 😉
    And Operation Deepfreeze (1955 – 1956)
    Operation Fishbowl and Operation Dominic (1962)
    The Cold War was Nothing but A Massive Hoax, America's Government and the Soviet Union's Government were Alies that Whole Time.

    (And 3 Specific Antarctica Video's that Relate to this Post)
    "See my Other Posts for more on Antartica."

    1. ANTARCTICA – Sorry We're Closed!
    Our Hidden Flat Earth.
    Great Detail on Antarctica and the Treaty 😁
    *Re-uploaded Due to Youtube Authoritarians Censoring "Taboo Conspiracy" and Taking Down his Original Channel.
    Link below:

    2. More Land and More Life on the Flat Earth:
    Worlds Beyond The Poles
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    3. Flat Earth – "Worlds Beyond The Poles" – The Phone Call. 😁
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  2. If you disliked this video you either support the Conservative Party cough cough you have brain deformities cough cough or you are racist and you deserve to be public hung drawn and quartered whilst crowds laugh until they piss themselves so much they need to see a therapist.

  3. To the U.K. hip hop folks… the crown is yours. We Americans clearly don’t want quality anymore. Take it and run with it. Just bring it back to what it should be. Absolute quality.

  4. Fully rate Dave but he’s boring how he’s tryna be political all the time stop the preaching when u jump on tracks with fredo who glorifies this life that Dave try’s to pull the sympathy card on look at the deprived places in the UK and it’s not in London at all stop playing the race card it’s boring being racist is thinking one race is the best quite like this song 🤣🤣🤣

  5. If we rapped about white people and racism what would become of it? Do you not think that white women and men don't get discriminated because of their appearance? Tattoo's, scruffy, ear hoops and looking rough. People also get discriminated in one way or another, from poor backgrounds, learning disability, or generally having other white people discriminating you because you're struggling to get a job and to get to work. I mean couples now live with their parents because they don't bring enough income. Those problems will certainly have huge issues. But because I'm "White" I have more privilege? No not at all. We all are struggling in life not just not Black people alone our ancestors made things harder on ourselves but no one is trying to erase history its about time we started making our own and instead of looking back at all the atrocities that have occurred.

  6. Black people: Living in a country where they are responsible for a disproprortionate level of crime, carry out more racist attacks per person than any other demographic, and contribute least to the development of society and yet STILL have the best opportunity to succeed and are treated unjustifiably well. And yet here we are, Stormzy, "Dave" (whoever the f*** he is) and others moaning like they're suffering. LMAO Talentless. Really, really talentless.

  7. I literally don’t know what to say, this is so powerful it’s given me goosebumps. It all needs to be said again and again and again until something changes. No matter what colour your skin is we should all be given the same equal opportunities and treated with kindness. I hope this performance helps to succeed in stopping the inequality and ignorance that still continues today. Congrats Dave on an amazing performance!

  8. He could've done this so differently. He's screaming racists throughout the song then singles out and discriminates against white people. I'm afraid racism works both ways Dave

  9. When will people realise we are the HUMAN RACE, we are the same, we bleed, need water and die the same so why is there still a racial divide, at the end of the day we are still 23 pairs of chromosomes that collide, racism we should not abide and we all know that Boris lied.

  10. Is this the racist piece of shit we keep hearing about? Got talent, but the fucker needs to keep out of politics, keep playing music fella and leave politics to those who have a clue. Bellend.

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