Dave Chappelle Compares Hillary Clinton To Darth Vader | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle Compares Hillary Clinton To Darth Vader | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle got marked as an avid Donald Trump supporter after making fun of Hillary Clinton.

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Comment (47)

  1. Except Hillary is a fucking criminal. Lesser of the evils is Donald Trump. Fuck Hillary clinton. The Clinton's are evil, drug dealing, satanic murderers. May God have mercy on your souls.

  2. "She'd already Karate Kid swept Bernie Sanders's legs out from under him."

    It's an apt comparison if you recall that Daniel used an illegal move to defeat that blonde douchebag from Cobra Kai.

  3. Trump is going down in history as one of the greatest president just not the fake history books in schools. What he has accomplished is more than most.

    I’m a immigrant from Brazil and my life is better than the past 20 years in the US today. Lowest unemployment in history for Latinos, blacks, Asians, and For women the lowest in 50 years.

    It is a shame how celebrities will always think the same

  4. "He's having a terrible go of it." Nah he's not actually. He's doing fantastic things for this country except he's a narcissistic moron who says dumb shit on twitter CONSTANTLY. If he was President in any other time in history, and accomplished the things that he has in his first term, everyone else's name would be overwritten by Trump. EXCEPT, he can't keep his fuckin mouth shut on Twitter. If he could stop talking like a dopey cunt, the democratic party would just completely collapse and cease to exist.

  5. tweet this to Clinton, the way he expressed me having to vote for Clinton is 10,000,000,000% accurate. she fucked the democrats pushing the Bern out…

  6. I am not a trump fan, that being said we trying to get out of wars, our gdp is the highest it's been. Stock market doing great and historic job lows. Shit I got 2 good raises this year. I am just saying things may not be perfect and socially we are in a bad place, but we are actually doing very good, or better than we have been in years

  7. Hello. I am a representative of a small nation. I live in Russia. and i'm muslim. Every day I feel pressure from compatriots. my colleagues and acquaintances are racists. what should i do in my situation. defend their point of view, protect their people and are interesting to my people. or be silent? Mr. Chapell. I appeal to you because for me you personify a free person in all views. you are a philosopher who has known this world. Тот человек, который вопреки всему любит свою страну.

  8. Terrible go of it? Really? No wars, record unemployment, record wage growth, securing our borders, taking on communist China… Working families are doing better than they have in decades!
    The only people I see complaining are the executive class who want cheaper labor and hate wage growth. So EFF YOU Dave.

  9. A rich guy like Dave has no idea what impact trade with slave labor communist China and mass immigration has had on working class families. He has no idea. Clinton fully supports the globalist open borders and mass immigration corporate agenda. Dave lives in a little elitist bubble. Never forget that. He's not our guy and never will be. But he is funny. But his worldview is that of the slave master. Blacks ran the slave trade. Never forget that. Once Whites ended the international slave trade in the Atlantic in the early 19th century the slave trade in Africa and the Middle East kept going as it had for thousands of years.

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