Dave East – “Godfather 4” Feat. Nas (Official Lyric Video)








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  1. I respect Jamica all day, but they should of had Jamica Ave in Queens up instead of the flag. This shit hard body. Talk to them Nas . Let them reamber. One

  2. When money flows like skys from beautifull rain hers umbrella cries and around hers body dance waterfall in wind and tears touch hers body like fans Superstars Life but in the Air burning tears scream last time so flying tears read book of fears from hers mind while on the ground only lucky tears arrive and when tears disappear with shadows from hers eyes than after seconds tears after victim drive again Alive.

  3. GodFather Nas: "Ancient AstraNauts from the Dogon Tribe"~MasterBuilder Dave East (33): "Hieroglyphics, Got 'em Tatted on Us, So it's Hard To Miss Us"(BirthRites) Ase ⛥♦️♦️🔥🐝🐬💯❤️

  4. i was listening some playlist from Gary Vee and start listening this Dave East and this boy is awesome. love to hear songs from you with 50 cent and with Eminem and Dr. Dre. Dave you are the real deal, is your time.

  5. Dave's album is cool. I like several tracks but J stone has the most underrated, unheard of album this year. He shouldn't have put that many songs on it though. Dave is fire but Dave doesn't know who Dave should be. Dave should have been born in the mid 70's. He is a 90s style rapper fighting to exist in an era where weirdos rule.

  6. I think "Survival"is one of those albums that have to grow on you. Haven't gave it a solid listen but the few song I heard are legit. Dave East is definitely carving a path towards greatness beyond hip hop.

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