Dave East – The Real is Back feat. Beanie Sigel (Official Video)

The latest offering off of Dave East’s Kairi Chanel featuring Philly’s own Beanie Sigel.
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Comment (43)

  1. TBH Tell me what your life like cuz mines is real is originally Styles P line ftom Funkmaster Flex Hot 97 freestyle. Jigga my nigga was the beat.

  2. Beanie Sigel lyrics are so real. If you into gunplay, drug talk & blocc bully shit. Beans got it. Dave East is a fan like everyone on this comment section.

  3. Rob before I purchase thinking god these dude so thirsty if you robbing, you the thirsty one then he said I remain focused minds on pills not Bill's makes me think the devil wrote this not him, it's a ok song because of Beans

  4. I know clothing styles change with the times, but that don't mean you got to keep dressing like a f**** b** with pants tighter than what the females wear! People used to get cracked on hard as hell for wearing s*** like that! You could tell these young motherfukers is lost, because they say we hating on the way they dressing, they half right, but we the old heads hate that you're dressing like f**** little b**** instead of men! And the young boys could use that cop out saying, the old heads just hating! Now ain't nobody hating We just never thought about dressing like a f**** b** some of these suckers in the rap industry are emasculating the young boys that don't know no better that's all, did a young n*** listening, the old heads ain't never ever get confused with dressing like b*****, ever! Unless you were a known gay guy, and those guys really didn't care because they admitted who they were and we knew they were!! end of the f***** story! Slam the door shut with that comment

  5. O my God, God forgive me, this Song is the Truth, this Dave East guy off the Chain and let him stay off the Chain. He on a Track wit a Legend Beanie Sigel, Beanie still got it, he got a little older, Raps still Cold, whoever gave ya'll the idea too collaborate that person should be the President, that person Smart. I'm feeling this Song, shout out to Philadelphia and New York, also Dave East and Beanie Sigel. From me to Ya'll

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