Daylyt – You Did Me Shady (Eminem Diss)

Daylyt – You Did Me Shady (Eminem Diss)


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Comment (35)

  1. Man if yall think daylyt would murder Eminem yall dumb af 😂😂 I mean really dumb …. daylyt is fire and if they went at it, it would be krazy but Em got another level to him when he got komp

  2. "It ain't even worth dissing someone so offbeat
    That they can't even figure out where their words
    Should hit the kick and the snare"
    – Eminem, "You Gon' Learn"

    Does anyone think that could've been a Daylyt response? That's my theory after hearing this, no disrespect to Daylyt

  3. Day is too real for this industry rap shit. So that's why anything he does doesn't get the attention it deserves. If him and eminem really started beefing it would be historical.

  4. Hope ya got more! Cuz that joint with juicy world is a monster I can't front. Mastering the Twista style takes alot of practice to do it for a long time.. you can do it. You gotta master that to match him which means strong lungs and breath control, and they say white people absorb more oxygen, sooo Betta gets to jogging and rapping fam lol

  5. This shxt fire is fuk day coming from the city em ain’t did shxt for black ppl but put a statue of satan hisself downtown at the temple 👀🔥

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