Dead Players – Ever (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Official video for ‘Dead Players – Ever’ with Jam Baxter on a solo tip, the track is lifted of the brand new Dead Players album OUT NOW on High Focus Records on CD, digital & limited edition vinyl! Dead Players are Jam Baxter, Dabbla & GhostTown, the album features Dirty Dike, Edward Scissortongue & Parly B!

Produced by: Jam Baxter
Starring: Jam Baxter, Avi Tal and Gaia Santuccio
Directed by: Johannes Schaff
Director of photography: Joe Burg
Editor: Simon Phillip
Costume design: Jenna Andreotti

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Comment (38)

  1. the ramblings of an insolent child
    with styles in a ridiculous pile
    wish-crushing glare
    jackhammer stare
    see em all slip in that sinister bile

    innocent smile; proud plumber
    sabotaging pipes up in the cloud cover
    it's red rain at twilight now, brother
    pick a vantage point to watch the town suffer

    something awful's lurking there
    avert the eyes and hide the trinkets
    fly the minted seamless sky
    with needles trying to find the stitches
    cry syringes full of serum
    puncture solid ground
    injecting every reason weakness spreads
    in every heathen crowd collecting

    give them a warning, written in ruby
    never believe em, live in a movie
    shot at the top of a shimmering cliff
    the quickening winds are whistling through me
    live in a little mechanical fallacy
    sickening images scuttling subtly
    running amok in my inner vicinity
    sick of the city it's nothing but fuckery bruv

    calm it down
    this place is vibesing
    the smell of seven million fakes [fates?] colliding
    perforating nostrils like a sabre slicing
    straight to the brain, say it ain't exciting

    simmer softly, something's boiling
    bursting bubbles fill the air
    the frosted sun succumbs to reason
    reignited, still prepared
    to burn the earth and coat it
    in a sheet of melted silverware
    I for one will slide across it
    singing hymns, a single brer

    ready to move and scatter the eminents
    selling em shoes to battle the elements
    snivelling pigs that gather in number
    cannibals come to hack at the skeleton
    [Bit em?] a flickering vision of toppling mountains
    hitting the humble ground
    a singular pebble to trigger the travesty
    wriggling out to tumble down

    sounds.. vaguely acceptable (not really)
    dress the puppet up to look presentable
    ain't I meant to write a bar about… MCs
    and.. how they're all shit, except me

    aside from the fact that 95 percent of cringe-inducing
    Kings are puking warm recycled slop, I got the stink diffusing
    introducing life – a skillful thief to steal your heart and tongue
    and twist em into your reflection flinching as the darkness comes

    gathering pigs, sat in the [safe seat?]
    we ain't compatible G
    wave crests are crashing the island
    seeing a single inhabitant flee
    sell them a wall to heckle the ocean
    chuckle and suffer the bigger tsunami
    bring em an army, send em a fleet
    a million idiots dead on a beach

    pick off the barnacles
    from the treetops, restock the arsenal
    and tell em its for decorative purposes
    until you need a weapon to murk em with

    sophisticated interfaces failing bring the mind to life
    dynamite soul – chew a match and set the skies alight
    live and direct from wreckage steaming up above the message
    'suckouts' emblazoned on the face of every flustered wretched

    figure in charge, but we never cared
    cos I was just stuck in a colourful dare
    plotting a course to a distant kingdom
    coughing and spluttering, juggling flares
    off with his head and it's off of the edge
    a struggling city of ominous necks
    and I've never seen a headless chicken
    ever command a lot of respect


  2. jam baxter u looked baked as a cake fam 🙂 the high way the best way! tune just gripped one of your albums off high focus along with a new verb t one HIGH FOCUS are killing it!!

  3. "95% are cringe inducing, kings of puke and warm recycled slop, I got the stink diffusing, introducing life, a skilful thief to steal your heart and tongue and twist them in to your reflection, flinching as the darkness comes" Wow

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