Dead Players – Yeah (OFFICIAL VIDEO)



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Official video for Dead Players – Yeah. This track is lifted of the brand new Dead Players album OUT NOW on High Focus Records on CD, digital & limited edition vinyl! Dead Players are Jam Baxter, Dabbla & GhostTown, the album features Dirty Dike, Edward Scissortongue & Parly B!

Video by Monsta

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  1. hey peiople….pay for damn advertising on youtube for this track. theyll age target. do it in american youtube. they googlechinsegovcom…
    do it. it's scheep son

  2. Ghost town
    Andule motherfuckers
    Arriba and all them tings yeah
    Jam Baxter
    Nah actually fucking listen

    Motherfucker I'm ill

    (Verse 1 – Dabbla)

    I'm gonna get it smashed
    Every single minute of the day, any how, any way
    That you want it I'm on it I gotta dash in a flash
    Then i pull up in a car that's crashed

    Stunting like man of the match
    With a brand new batch
    And a brand new bag
    And a brand new chick
    And a brand new pad
    That brand new shit
    I put it down you slag


    I've had enough of the talk
    Everybody's running but they can't ever walk
    So I walk in the place with a smile on my face
    And I'll wyle out with a drink I ain't even bought

    And you can take that to the piggy
    Wagwan officer everything jiggy?
    Fancy a ciggie? course not
    Cause you on the job and you ain't clocked off
    No biggie

    But don't get it back to the front
    I will say "bitch", "motherfucker" and "cunt"
    Not just on record but in front of my mum
    And I'll do that 'till I turn hundred and one
    Or maybe hundred and two
    Stepped in the game now it's under my shoe
    Can't say anythings changed I'm the same prick
    That I was two thousand and five
    Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven
    Are we really heading into Armageddon?
    Seems like that's what they're shoving down our throats
    It's our future, lets make it our own, what you reckon?
    I was always told life was hard
    Buy a big house and drive a nice car
    In school if you asked me what I wanna be
    Back then I would have said the first boy on Mars


    All I wanna do is get lean with my team
    If you know what I mean say "Yeah"
    I drink, I puff, I can't get enough
    And I couldn't give a fuck like "Yeah"
    All I really wanna do is make noise with my crew
    If you know how we do go "Yeah"
    Don't care what they say, when I run away
    I'm gonna grind all day like "Yeah!"

    (Verse 2 – Jam Baxter)

    I'm done with the stupid questions
    Never called this a new direction
    Just ghost town running with a huge collection
    Of the can't park beats too rude to mention
    So nah, I ain't gonna jam to the usual
    Bare man gassed from a bag full of bugles
    Deep in my side and believe in the hype
    What I seen in my life would turn a staff to a poodle
    Nah, be truthful, all I seen
    Is a whole bag of kids with assorted dreams
    And bare bad manners and a fucked up bladder
    Cause they sniffed all the tranq', lets applaud 'em please
    I ain’t tryin'a get rinsed as a preacher
    But why would your best friend litre
    That’s all I’ll say, keep all our days
    In a big U-box in a singular freezer
    Who's that geezer?
    Sat down grinning
    Shining, surrounded by cracked out women
    He didn't buy a drink, get your shank out kill him
    Nah that's Baxter, jam down with him
    Yep, chilling, club full of oddballs
    Bare man in skin tight jeans looking hostile
    Me I'm on a tracksuit ting with the HF tee and a ??? ??? ??? my ensemble
    Bruv, you seen them brers??? ?
    Ah, fuck it, I don't even care
    Theres bare loud rigs in the warehouse rinsing a tear out???
    Come fam lets bop there???
    Life as it is
    Bare hard work and it's finally criss ???
    So Ima do me and keep running round stages
    Spraying bars 'till I gotta slide for a piss


    [Verse 3 – Dabbla & Jam Baxter]

    The hip-hop scene hate me
    The grime scene hate me
    There ain’t no better tag team I’ve seen lately
    Giving them a high speed chase on the daily
    Me, Jam Baxter and Ghost Town baby
    Love it when the flow sound lazy
    Make you wanna go down, throw down
    Get into a show down, ho down, low down
    Maybe crazy, praying that the game don’t change me
    Same old me in a nut yeah
    All up in the cut yeah
    Trying to get my whole team up there
    But they’re fucking with the flow
    Cause Z-double-O buy the blow like “fuck yeah”
    And all your gonna hear is “tut tut”
    Brothers wanna cock block
    Nothing you can touch
    What we got lock, go on rudeboy, take a potshot
    I’m what you want blood, yeah, I’m whatnot

    Knock-knock. Who’s there?
    Who cares hotshot, guess where I come from?
    Par when the bombs drop
    Nonstop, feels like God dropping hot rocks
    Straight off the roof, get loose in the cosmos
    Hop off the compost, keep all fragrant
    Anytime the impaler awakens
    Bare small butchers in bloodstained aprons
    Absailing to your brains on a raisin
    Your fan base is an alienator
    Swill champagne and await the invasion
    Who’s that trapped in a 2-D movie
    Too lean, two feet chained to the pavement
    You. You, you and you, stay there
    Cause us three man on the track ain’t fair
    And all I wanna do is get mashed with my fam
    If you’re down for the jam, say “Yeah”

  3. When you see us on the field of soccer, count us from the house of sucker if you please… There's just a hand of seeds, and we consume the fume of weeds for a bunch of please… You see? It's just a breeze…

  4. Instead of "2005, 6 7 8 9 10 11 are we really heading in to armageddon"
    IT SHOULD HAVE WENT " 2002, 3 4 5 6 7, are we really heading in to armageddon" lol

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