Dennis Chambers: The Fatback Groove – James Brown

Dennis Chambers: The Fatback Groove – James Brown

Dennis Chambers: The Fatback Groove – James Brown
Transcription: Terry Branam here:

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  1. The dude that played for Curtis Mayfield on the BBC Grey Whistle Test show had the sickest groove I ever heard. Chambers is great but his groove ain't quite up to Purdie,he's deep.

  2. I LOVE HIS SOUL, FEEL & the tone on his drums the sound precision & clean I don't get tired of listening to that sound the brother is right there, if you're black you'll understand, if you're bias you'll never understand that sound inspires you to play

  3. Dennis Chambers: (all casual and cool) "yeah, this is the first thing I learned to play"
    Me: huh?😭 I'm going to burn my drumsticks now

  4. Pocket groove w displaced up beat on either the 2 and 4. Question is where did James get it from? I think he invented that groove and it sounded better w the snare on the upbeat. W out that distinction it’s just a r&b groove w a lot of ghost notes

  5. I got the feeling.



    And he hit the fill/turnaround. Real drummers make you hear the whole song!!!!

  6. I was really surprised at how bad the fast one sounded, to be honest and the whole thing was so far away from the vibe of 60s James Brown stuff. Fast one was too rushed and 'rock-y', and that big echoey kit doesn't help – it's about as far away from sounding like say, a Clyde Stubblefield sound as you can get , but also the ghost notes just didn't sit right. I think he was going too fast in order to demonstrate the speed and losing the groove in the process. Sorry to fanboys. I'm not trolling, it's just my opinion. An opinion I'm sure will be showered with insults and corrections e.g: "oh yeah?! I'd like to see you do better, loser" or "what are you talking about? Dennis Chambers is better than Jesus and may he smite you down for this blasphemy". Or something.

    I think someone like Dimsunk (check him out if you haven't) is a million times better than this, in terms of capturing the groove and sound of that JB (and others in that era) funk.

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