Denzel Curry – Black Metal Terrorist METALHEAD REACTION TO HIP HOP!!!

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  1. An aggresive artist I think you two would like is Craig Xen. The songs Hibana, FWM God, and Hell Bent are great not to mention he used to live with X! pls look into it

  2. You have to go back and listen to some old Busta Rhymes songs like "Everything remains raw", "When disater strikes" "Rhymes galore", "So Hardcore", "Everybody rise", I mean pretty much anything from his first couple of albums.

  3. You guys should look at Gizmo eventually you wont regret it. He is hard as hell and his lyrics are metal influenced you could say. Gizmo is definitely the GOAT in my book and has been since late 2016

  4. You guys love Denzel Curry. You should react to 'AJ Tracey – Alakazam (ft. Jme & Denzel Curry)'
    Its got 2 UK artists in AJ Tracey and JME. It will be a good introduction to listen to more UK music.

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