Desert Heat – Haila Haila

Desert Heat perfoming Haila Haila the hit single from the Hip Hopna Compilation Album by Fredwreck at the MTVArabia Finale.

Produced By FredWreck
Performed by Desert Heat


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Comment (31)

  1. راحة طرررررررررررر
    you made me bouncin up & down with the song

    sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh , amazing

    هيييييييه لاه هيه لاااااااااه

  2. u guyz rOOOOOCK =D
    love that song
    u deserve all the best
    love ur style
    how u dress
    u don't give up ur traditions
    just lovekum =D

  3. do u remember what happened when iraq attacked kuwait? the fuckers in palistine where giving sweets in the streats because they were happy kuwait was attacked so like how you hate all the people in the gulf and think we are all anamils with money then why the fuck will i care about you. you think that your countries had to have the petrol and it came to us by mistake. if you were in our place and we where in ur place u will not help us so will will not help you now.

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