DFI 4 – Lethal Dialect Vs Genesis (DFI Rap Battle)

DFI 4 – The Good Bits –

Da’ Fighting Irish Rap Battle League

Lethal Dialect Vs Genesis


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Comment (35)

  1. Dialect had it from the 1st round
    Genesis is all what if I had but Dialect is your fucked I'm better
    Genesis had class flows but so did Dialect
    great battle though
    But didn't need over time
    Dialect won
    That's it 😀

  2. Lethal Dialect is one of the most talented geezers I've seen before man, shit. Like, his verses have humor, but still verge on almost Slam Poetry in flow. If I don't see that guy goin' places, I'm gonna feel let down man, fully.

  3. Can't get over the accent, it makes watching this effort. And I think DFI should stop using that name, it just makes them sound like they still affiliated with DF.

  4. Dialect is an Irish phenomana…Genesis is fuckin unreal..this battle was unbelievable..It was very close…both flows in all rounds were class…dialect had dis funny culchie thing goin n the whole time….with fukin amo behind it….genesis kept it raw and kept using metephorical treats which was serous…I perfer dialect rappin to genesis but that's just my opinion but genesis's style is class…Genesis kept up with the raw style but over all Dialect won….2 fukin Irish Legends, Class Battle

  5. genesis was good but you dont rap fantasy world of warhammer legion type shit in a battle, lethal killed it flipped nearly everything..

  6. Round one definitely a tie , both were sick.

    Second round , flip didn't really hit from LD but was fairly sick.Genesis was slick but lots of irrelevant shit.

    Third , flip was unreal from LD , fireman line was class.Genesis killed i thought and that made it 1:1.Sick battle

    Mondo , whoever he is should have just said who he thought won instead of wanting to see overtime.

    What happens if two had voted for Genesis and two voted O/T?

    O/T 2 short , would have preferred more.

    PS-Johnny Boy=Spa

  7. seriously confident battle from both lads, really high standard, I think LD was right to get it in the end, he had a little more originality in his verses, but both were excellent

  8. @YourManNugget no i agree the gay jokes are getting old aswell… i just like to see more stuff actually about the person that are true… even tho i was pissed off when i watched this battle last nite so its better than a thought…

  9. @IrishUnitedFan Mate these battles arent social comentary. Its a slagging match. To us cork is a lot more countryside than dublin. I dont see you complaining about gay jokes, riding peoples mas and rhyming the same thing over and over rather than your opponent. People from dublin call cork people culchies. So of course were gonna slag them about it. I've no problemeither mate just giving my opninion. Cork people keep complaining about cork jokes but its a lot more relevent than your gay.

  10. @YourManNugget no the countryside is not everything outside dublin… the countryside is the outskirts of a city.. were there are farm lands ect…look im not saying this is the only battle its happened in.. its been going on in all of them… its just its gonna get old.. people wanna see new stuff.. i i dont have a problem with you or anything i have your album/mixtape and i think its class… just think some more dub vs dub, cork vs cork etc…

  11. @YourManNugget well isnt a culchie someone from the country side.. cork is a city and not all countryside.. and i dont think any are farmers… doing pigs and cows and stuff like that.. stupid.. i have watched all the battles and enjoy it.. just feel its the inter county stuff is becoming old…i was gonna head up to the next one with a few buddies.. just thought this battle was poor…

  12. @IrishUnitedFan
    Calling someone from down the country a culchie or a farmer isnt more relevent than a gay joke? You can say a gay joke to anyone in the world. You cant say a culchie joke to someone from dublin though. Therefore its twice as relevent. If they slagged us for being from dublin it would be better than gay jokes.

  13. @YourManNugget I agree the cork rappers say alot of gay jokes but i dont think its more relevant because all the cork lads arent all culchies and farmers … its just im wondering how far more these battles can go if its the same every battle…

  14. is it me are all the jokes against cork rappers the same every battle.. culchies farmers and imbreads.. getting boring.. poor battle…

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