DFI 5 – Bony Vs Genesis (DFI Rap Battles)

DFI 5 – Mischief – Da’ Fightin Irish Rap Battle League

Bony Vs Genesis


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  1. Without the excess these lads have talent . But the dick refs and bitch snatch and all the smutty talk is not tough cool poetic or enjoyable . Drop the vulgarity and take it to the big stage . If ye care about rhyming and rap which is rhyme . I

  2. i think you mean dól Queue, not cue.. a cue is a wooden instrument you use to play snooker or pool.. this is all adding up now, your a door man and your level of English is child like at best..

  3. their videos* not there videos… proves my point that you are all a shower of slack jawed retards… get back in the dól Q mate

  4. look my man they are tossers. go out and get a job your not slim shady, instead of spittin rhymes maybe u shud earn some money to spend on your lady… OHHHH SNAPPP

  5. stumbled into the wrong part of youtube…. lads stop sellin drugs or claimin the dol or whatever the fuck you bumbs do… go out and get a real fucking job…. your not from the fkin ghetto YOUR IRISH… fkin spas.. your no eminem

  6. Genesis thinks hes cool but I'm the one who banged his sis, Bony ripped him apart bit by bit and by the way Genesis is shit, He thinks hes cool but I say hes a fuckin' mule, he thinks hes a Emcee but really his life isn't complete until he heard of me, I'm from the south side of the lee,See I'm from glanmire because when I'm on this fuckin' mic I'm on FIRE.

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