DFI 5 – Collie vs Nugget (DFI Rap Battles)

DFI 5 – Mischief – Da’ Fightin Irish Rap Battle League

Collie vs Nugget


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  1. @irishmckiddo Cheers man. I think you need to read my comment again though. I said its not freestyled at all and isn't made out to be either. The whole point of having no beat is because its a written league

  2. @floormasterer
    He doesn't know what a period is as its american english like adding a u in certain words. Its called a full stop on this side of the atlantic.

  3. @thisryanthe
    Were actually called DFITV officially. Were also going about a year only the youtube channel is new and we have way more views so its all good.

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