DFI 5 – Redzer/Nugget Vs Bony/Nash (DFI Rap Battles Doubles Promo)

DFI 5 – Mischief – Da’ Fightin Irish Rap Battle League

Redzer/Nugget Vs Bony/Nash


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  1. great stuff lads,iv been followin irish rap.Its about time we had some proper rappers in this country.you can only listen to j-z rap about how much money he has for so long.he has nothin left to say

  2. First of all your an embarrasment to your familys go out find real jobs stop raping this country is gone to muck im sick of paying for the mistakes that your making

  3. i think redzer saw that bony and nash got slept on in the last round when he said "sick fuckin multi's thats all i wanted to say "

  4. Lol jin used to show up to freestyle battles with pre written flips. Tellin people "yo you called me asian…" when they said nothing of the sort. Thats why people stoppeed caring about him. Hotmail/hotmale is one of the most overused lines ever in rap.

  5. If you really want some battling look up MC jin!!! il quote from him "I go online and check my hotmail bitch you go online and look up hot males! these MCs are so bad their punchlines are not really that good i mean all they say is your a sap faggit gimp etc…

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