DFI 6 – Desay Vs Costello (DFI Rap Battles)

DFI 6 – Da’ Fightin Irish Rap Battle League

Desay Vs Costello


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  1. "ive lived in blanch most of me life and i aint never heard u locally" i think desay is from castleknok sayn hes from blanch. has t be with dat accent.

  2. Was just thinkin of shit to rhyme off the top man

    either way……its an entertaining battle

    DFI is just getting better and better

  3. @93Paulie93

    just as well you werent judging so 😉

    and honestly man, saying I was whipped in 3 is a load of bollox……
    your saying my 2nd was only good cause it was better than my 1st
    Costello didnt win or get a vote in 3 cause his 1st was fire and his 2nd and 3rd werent great

    my opinion 😉

    and im not tryin to take anything away from James, hes a sound bloke and a good MC, but I cant let you say I got destroyed and not comment back

  4. Desay should of won he was more consistent and freestyled whereas Costello had good punchlines but wasnt as good. Very disrespectful during O.t. from some people in the crowd

  5. @NewWorldUnorder yeesh what's got your goat then? I just got a bit pissed off about hecking a freestyler. Legitimate enough complaint. I've told people to quieten down in other battles when I was in the back and there were people making a racket. Red can't control the whole room.

  6. Some of those lads in the crowd need a good slap. Hecking people who are freestyling is being an utter shithead. Like to see them go out there and try to do it.

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