DFI 6 – K-Snatch Vs Mickey Gatch (DFI Rap Battles)

DFI 6 – Da’ Fightin Irish Rap Battle League

K-Snatch Vs Mickey Gatch


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  1. snatch was ill came with some venom rebel faction angels with dirty souls brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppppp =)

  2. K-Snatch was sick!! Definately one of the best performances in the league so far. It's a pity Mickey Gatch didn't have his lines learnt, 'cos some of his punches were sick.

    Best punchlines…

    "He thinks he's Neil Prendeville, tryna take Mickey out in public.."

    "For years he's been schooling kids, he's the one that left Robert Hollahan in a pool of jizz"

  3. @RobbieDJ i thought the way he flowd it was better then that settup settup punchline battle mold he was just spittin and it sounded class. my favorite on the day any way and getting better every battle fair play.

  4. On the day I thought K-Snatch was better than anyone else and looking back I still think the same,he really stepped up his game,Mickey looked and sounded like he did a wake and bake and just kept goin,maybe not a great game plan

  5. Ksnatch doesn't need to slow it down it's grand as it is. Different styles.

    He needs to stop dissin me though cos by the time we get to battle he'll have ran out of insults. Blap!

  6. unreal battle,felt lousy enuff on gatch cuz he kept choking but every1 knows he's a sick battler. snatch is getting better and better every time i see him battling.cant wait to see him battling in england!

  7. @kennethakasnatch well done kid youre gettin better with every battle ,the boys are startin to pay attention , dont slow down too much u dont wanna lose that style of urs, just enough for the slowjoes brains to catch up ha ..

  8. Some sick verses from K-Snatch.. If u spit it more like a battle verse then a song verse it wudda made it even sicker!! Mickey is an example of people not being prepared.. All 3 to K-Snatch… Niiiice

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