DFI 6 – Terawrizt Vs KDeath (DFI Rap Battles)

DFI 6 – Da’ Fightin Irish Rap Battle League

Terawrizt Vs KDeath


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  1. Mad Props to KDeath on this, came at it from some really clever angles and defo deserved an ot, the reason i dont think he got it was down to his delivery i think!! when he improves this he will be bodying opponents..
    As for my own performance, didnt personally know a whole lot about KDeath so decided to go down the jokes route knowing nobody would expect that from me anyway!!

  2. K-deaths flip about the reptilian shapeshifters was fuckin class haha!!!
    really clever
    however yeah Tera for the win, but KD did better than i expected! sick battle lads

  3. @mcRioRemedy if k-death had more agression, or presence then i think he woulda took this,
    tera was funny as fuck, but k-death's stuff was a lot more thought oot and personal. . .

    must say its lookin tough for m.c's that aint from dublin to win at these events. props to both, good battle

  4. K – death took this on barrs and personals. Tera had better delivery. I think K death took this tho. OT would have been fair enough also. imo

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