DFI 7 – Costello vs Genesis (DFI Rap Battles)

Da’ Fighting Irish Rap Battle Leauge Presents

DFI 7 – Costello vs Genesis


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  1. @foleybah the only reason the crowd wouldnt shut up in the 2nd round cause when genisis waz spittin cause costello put in earphones nd it waz funny shit

  2. @foleybah
    K snatch battled at this and had no problems spitting. Its just been one or two battles were the crowd has done this man. We will have in cork at some stage but its easier said than done. It costs money and having to plan an event from dublin thats gonna happen in cork takes a lot of planning.

  3. Fuckin class battle!! both Costllo's and genisis Killed it but if the crowed would actually listen to genisis which they wouldnt because he aint from dublin i think that you'de hear his lyrics did come out ontop even though I must say that ways one of Costello's best Battles, He's getting better and better. Some times it seems a bit like The Cork lads r at a big disadvantage. It's like a Soccer match except the cork lads always have to face an Away crowd.

  4. That crowd were fuckin thick as shit ,numbskulls,how hard is it to shut de fuck up an listen while they spit, judges need to elaborate more with their decision too,ya Judge Dread u werent gonna break it down rd for rd cause u didnt really take it all in did ya , bonys one of the few who do!!!

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