DFI 7 – Siyo vs Desay (DFI Rap Battles)

Da’ Fighting Irish Rap Battle Leauge Presents

DFI 7 – Siyo vs Desay


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  1. @2shizz dont man me bitch! i know you yeh, ur gay! ur a lil woman! id say you wear tampons, and you put a maxi-pad over it aswell just to be on the safe side! hahahahaha

  2. @2shizz Ah i understand man, still learnin the trade. o.t wuld of been interestin, really lookin 4ward to yer next battle. id say youll smash it, dont let the truth get in the way of a good yarn!

  3. @WizardWorm

    Was keepin flips for OT…..I had a lot written for my verses and it was a concious choice not to flip anything in my first 3 because I liked the material I had, and honestly didnt think Siyo would get it in 3……Im still learning the trade and feel Im gettin to grips with it now…..I just have to stop leaving it til the week before the battle to write for it

  4. fair fucks to ya siyo, glad you got your first win. you've always had well funny lines and now ya know you can do it hopefully you'll go on a winning run

    big up siyo, good man!!!!

  5. on the really real !!!! not one flip Desay's side. Like Cruger said once, Siyo coulda turned up in a clown suit a green afro wig and Desay wouldnt be able to freestyle one word about it haha

  6. Best comedy line ''BO SELECTA MASK'' Most reactive response from crowd ''YOUR OUL FELLA'S A RAT'' Smartest little sly finish ''YOUR A JAPSEYE'' but the ''typing mics to your chest'' was on that level too. ''BEARD JOKE'' was a crowd pleaser and ''BABY'' part on round 3 from Siyo say hit the nerve most if he has a kid. Desay had some great lines and flow but lacked a bit of structure, it seemed Siyo took this one very serious. One of the best battles of the night so I can remember. JAMBO NEXT?

  7. @Chade888
    I judged and i know desay about 5 or 6 years. I've been out to blanch to him, hes a sound lad. I've no reason to be biased against him. As Dave said hes voted against me and hes a good mate of mine. Name change jokes arent exactly gonna bring a house down mate. I've had loads of shit Said about me in battles tht wasnt true. But it was funny so who gives a fuck,

  8. why do they always give the decisions based on rounds… just choose the winner and thats it lol…
    great battle Siyo clearly took it but Desay was sick too

  9. @Chade888 "Judges were definately biased thats all." thats a load of shit mate, not one of the judges in this battle has any reason to be biased. Ive voted against KDeath and Nugget before and theyre two of me best mates on the ihh scene.

    truth is, it was a very close battle but Siyo pipped it, big up to the two boys.


  10. @YourManNugget just saying i prefer truth over bullshit. Any of them can write good shit that isnt true. Eh he changed his name from twoshea didnt hear that mentioned doesn't take much research to know that. Ye costello used it and his copper joke won that battle for him. Not disrespecting siyo in any way he is lethal but all desay stuff was relevant. Judges were definately biased thats all.

  11. siyo's had good punches and bars his last coupla battles but has always choked or stumbled, this time he basically nailed it! desay was class but siyo's 2nd and 3rd rounds were pure slaggin. harvey norman bit had me gigglin!

  12. Big up siyo in fairness he came with his shit this times just goes to show what he can do when he comes prepared but in fairness desay came fucking hard dude was mad raw man!

    All in all a fucking I'll battle more to come anyway 🙂

  13. @Chade888 Dave isnt the only judge man. Anyways what else has siyo really got to diss desay about if he knows little else about him? Costello said the copper stuff so siyo used it too. Nobody said siyo won cos he didnt choke?? Dont know where ya got that from. Nobody cares about a record.

  14. BIG BATTLE, big up Artane`s one n only emcee! no point in anyone BITCHIN about the decision, what other ammo could siyo have used? links pls! he used a mentioned topic in his last battle and wrote 2 wikid verses in relation to it. cant be Siyos fault if Desay cant be researched on. how much ammo could Desay have used? LOADS, and he did, and still didnt pull it out, go figure, Siyo was better on the day and that was that!

  15. @YourManNugget dave dread knew?!just saying truth-bullshit.. Is a rap battle not supposed to be relevant to the person you are battling?dont get me wrong siyo is good no doubt about it but all the judges just said siyo spat well in other words he didnt choke this time so he won. Overall each of them had their best battle but thought a couple of the judges might have been biased to siyo because he hasnt a great record.

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