DFI 8 – Nash Vs Innuendo (DFI Rap Battles)

Da’ Fighting Irish Rap Battle League Presents

DFI 8 – Nash Vs Innuendo


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  1. "You're about as welcome as the Queen was". Haha! I love that line. Personally I think Nash should have won & it seems like Innuendo thought so as well, cos he tried to give Nash the T-Shirt at the end. Such a good battle. Two amazing MC's. Big up DFI!

  2. this english lad is gonna get battered.english are cunts.i was born in england and my dad is pure irish and got battered by the english and sometimes he battered them.proud 2 be irish

  3. All da internet gangstas all hard on der computers not 1 of yous wud say anything 2 an Irish mans face! Im living in England at the mo and still aint met an English person yous all think yous are Irish wats dat about! Nash won!

  4. Your nation is a joke.

    No national pride, full of immigrants. 15 times as many people as you're still not that much better at football (even with your players of african origin).

    Your troops got ran the fuck outta the country. Haha.

    Everyone wants to be Irish, go fuck yourself.

  5. at least we know our team is shit when will ye dumb fucks realize yer fucking shit at soccer 2,roy hodgson has more chance off a heart attack than winning a tournament ha living in the 80s ye sound go back supporting america in a made up war ya numb nut!!only england would be so stupid haha

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