Die Woodys – Fichtl's Lied

Eine Produktion von Tony Marshall

Superhitparade der Volksmusik 1984


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  1. To everybody who don't know Germany well:
    1. We like jewish people! Hitler is dead for many years!
    2. Germans think that this song is crazy too
    3. We wear not only Dirndl and leather pants!
    4. We like "Pretzels", BUT most of us like Asian and American food the most!
    (I'm sorry for mistakes 😅 Please, don't hate me! )

  2. usa: you lost 2 world wars and now what you want to do?
    germany: I will be famous by sausages!
    great britain: Its not a good idea
    france: i think like gb, its really bad idea
    ussr: maybe you want singing on drugs?
    germany: Ok, lets try!

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