Dirty Dike – Pork Pie (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Video for the track Pork Pie taken from Dirty Dikes new LP ‘Constant Dikestar’ buy the album now at http://www.high-focus.com

Video Directed, Filmed and Edited by Harry Wheeler.

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Dirty Dike on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DirtyDikeSMB
Dirty Dike on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/DirtyDike

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Comment (43)

  1. hei man wanna come in sardinia? a really good peace of meat friend of mine wanna meet u (OH GUNNE S'è SCOPPIAU PERDIU..she said)

  2. Hmm, might have thought Dirty dike was alright, except he had to go be a dickhead and lob a pork pie at a pidgeon. Like their lives aren't shitty enough already. What a fuckwit….

    Gutted, cos his flow was a'ite as well…

  3. this makes me ashamed to be english,hip hop is american,ive never heard one decent english rapper they r all talentless so please stop making this garbage.check out czarface ,onyx.mop.outerspace,just to name a few,then come back here and tell me this crap is any good

  4. this tune is the epitome of why high focus will not thrive.. it makes me cringe. that idea that that little spaz, decided to do an album that was deliberately obtuse for its own sake… "Iwanna do a totatally cunty spacker bollocks record for shock factor, and get rec off of it>?

  5. this is the exact track that introduced me to the UK rap scene and high focus, which then became my favorite music for years. legendary tune. i was so flashed when i heard it the first time, couldn't believe how dope it is.

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