DJ Brace – 2016 DMC Online Finals (Winning Routine)

Equipment used (L – R)
1) Vestax 06 Pro Fretless Fader
2) Vestax PDX-3000
3) Rane TTM62
4) Vestax Controller 1

1) Memory Toy Analog Delay
2) Ibanez Tone-Lok WD7 Weeping Demon Wah
3) On/Off power switch for left deck


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  1. i comment on this mix every few months, recorded on the eve of my birthday i just noticed… show me some love Brace! im in scotland so when you uploaded it was prob the 8th of June my time 🙂

  2. Too much electronic assistance. This aint the club. These new school DJ's wouldnt survive without laptops and such. This SOUNDS like a song made with multiple tracks. I bet if they gave you 2 turntables, a mixer and NOTHING ELSE, you would stumble. Even the weighting on the turntables doesnt look right. Sad and lazy.

  3. Absolutly blown away ive been watching these dmc championships from 94 and this is the best ive ever seen scratching is inbelievable , your a turntable genius.

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