DJ Diamond | #5MinutesOfFunk007 | #TurntableTuesday97

DJ Diamond came correct on 5 Minutes of Funk. Enjoy.


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  1. ALL of the DJ's that I've seen thus far have been straight ILL! I'd personally like to see you branch out a bit. Pick up some cats down here in the dirty, like TekLife and the Go! Dj's; or some from France like C2C(ANY one of them[or all]).

  2. He should name himself diamond swift just to get rob swift mad.hope rob swift dont find me an put me in a sleeper hold with them big ass muscles.nuff respect to rob swift one of the original executioners

  3. Yoooo! Anybody that says this was not a top 5 Five Minutes of Funk performance needs to re-listen! I have been hearing DJ's Cut Rock the Bells Since 85 ( including BobCat at the Def Jam Tour in 86) and NEVER heard anything like this! And that ending…….Big UP!

  4. that's  my og from bk to bwood diamond is te real definition of hiphop dj  2 techniques and the mixer.yooo diamond big urself up .its powerful the god  from the bx to bwood long island.

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