DJ IZOH (Japan) – DMC World Champion 2012 EXCLUSIVE!

Here it is! The NEW DMC WORLD Champions winning performance! Congratulations to DJ IZOH from Japan!!


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  1. なるほど…私が凄いお金持ちになって彼の為の最高なステージを用意して客のノリなんて無視で良いので何卒お願いしますと凄い高いギャラを渡して回してもらいたいと言う夢が出来た

  2. 今も見てるわ。

  3. I've seen this a million times, but this set is shit? They were saying the same thing for Netik for pre pressed vinyl. When you had Qbert winning off of all scratch sets in the 90s. They even had a 16 year old A-trac win. Times change. As a dj, this set is pretty damn difficult to perform. Stop hating and put something up, and maybe someone will thumbs down your set on youtube. Or maybe you'll win a dmc championship.

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