DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – Brand New Funk (Extended Remix) [1988]

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – Brand New Funk (Extended Remix) [Audio Video]

The extended mix of Brand New Funk that’s on various promotional vinyl disks. It’s not very extended nor much of a remix but don’t blame me, I didn’t title it.

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  1. Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith aka fresh Prince had and up hill battle from the start being Philly cats and and New York owned hip hop. No one was touching jeff on the turn tables on the planet creating the transformer scratching made him undisputed king and will never followed he always came with his own clean cut, educated boy next door swagger they created a lane instead following anyone and look at the results. This jam bumped from coast to coast and will is a legend in two Fields of industry we’ll over 30 plus years. Don’t sleep on two of the best that ever did it. Philly In the house

  2. So glad i found this song man! Had the "parents just don't understand" cassette back in high school when it first dropped. I knew every lyric to every song on that album i played it so often. Charlie Mack is the first out the limo.
    Nightmare on my! This song made several appearances at house parties we used to go to as teens back then too. You best believe i'm adding it to my rotation now that i found it!

  3. If you gave this a thumbs down take Jeff's turntables & mixer bust yourself in the head then jump off a concert speaker and land asshole first on Will's cordless microphone.

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