DJ Kentaro performing at The DMC World Finals 2014, London.

DJ Kentaro (2002 DMC World Champion) showcasing at The DMC World Finals 2014 @ The Forum, London.


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  1. A master of his craft. I think some of the techniques he was using were lost on the audience. I love this set and listen to it not just for Kentaros skills, but also because it actually sounds good. Blows me away every time.

  2. This is how it's done. A great show of skill but at the same time it's very musical and fun to listen to. With the right mindset the turntables become an instrument.

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  4. Would he be as good without sampler effect buttons on the mixer….Ummm? You should mix with the records and nothing else in my opinion. Tell me that's NOT specially cut vinyl records?? Give him My Numark DM1775a Mixer (Does have a tinny 4 sec sampler) Yes 4 second. (No its not for sale) sorry. I'd Love to see that being mixed with.

  5. Kentaro, Craze, Noise, Roc Raida and many others of the era spanning until early 2000s, were the last of the inventive age of turntablism. It can never be as interesting and engaging again as most of the most outstanding and creative ideas have been exhausted and now (along with a digital age) can only be a game of recycling ideas, faster, and more TECHNICALLY advanced skills.

    This is reminisent of the decline of many creative artforms, particularly turntablisms honorary father… Jazz.

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