Dj Krush – Zen (full album)

DJ krush – Zen (2001)
Seventh album from the japanese producer Hideaki Ishi also known as DJ Krush.
Perfect for studying, rainy days, high sessions or anything else!

01- Song 1 0:00
02- Zen approach (feat. Black Thought) 05:18
03- Danger of love (feat. Zap Mama) 09:34
04- Sonic traveller (feat. Tunde Ayanyemi) 15:13
05- Duck chase (feat. Phonosycographdisk) 21:12
06- Vision of art (feat. Company Flow) 25:39
07- Day’s end (feat. Kazufumi Kodama) 29:49
08- With grace (feat. N’dea Davenport) 34:34
09- Candle chant (tribute) (feat. Boss the MC) 40:47
10- Endless railway (feat. Ahmir Thompson) 47:13
11- Whut’z da solution (feat. Kukoo da Banana Bangez) 53:46
12- Paradise bird theory (feat. Sunja Lee) 58:10
13- Final home (Mini Sista remix) 1:03:46


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Comment (49)

  1. Loving Zen .
    Thanks to All the Djs my to my most Favorite.. There is only one for me and G’s my Forever and a Day Kidd’s day 💋🙈🎂😘🎈💰🍰💫🎩🎼🎬📀🦋 And to my Girls … I love you to the Mooooonnn And Back and one day you’ll wonder or have a thought and Here I’ll be to remind you that Dreams do come true and As long as you are true to you .. 🦋💋 Bla bla my finger hurts I better stop and tears are ready to Fall

  2. Just from the replies all thumbs up likes that his impact is the same. Dj Krush in the past has taken me through very tough times in the past decades with peace and love and has meant so much to my spiritual development. Zen still and always will be.

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