DJ Marky Boiler Room Brazil DJ Set

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Learn how to write a hit rap song


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► For the final hour of our DJ Marky special the man himself takes to the turntables to do what he does best.


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  1. Alguem sabe o nome da primeira faixa? nossa, tenho essa faixa no meu Mac mas nao sei o nome, esses dias tava pintando a minha casa com um playlist rolando, e ai tocou! ate agora nao sei o nome, mas um dia na acabei baixando…. kkkk

  2. Tudo que tocou eu achei muito legal… está valendo apena curtir essa "Boiler", mas aos 43 minutos… que faixa da hora… que gostoso de ouvir; sensacional…. parabéns pelo trabalho Mark! #Carolina Carol Bela; tudo d'bom!

  3. DJ Marky fully smashed this mix, and the fact he's singing the lyrics as well as smiling throughout just makes it, you can tell how into mixing he is, its just such a shame he had to perform in front of such an awful crowd, barely getting excited or dancing, especially that bellend taking a selfie at 37:03

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