DJ Premier on Hot 97 – 11/24/1995 (restored)

DJ Premier on Hot 97 – 11/24/1995 (restored)

DJ Premier on Hot 97


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Comment (49)

  1. Mainstream Hip Hop peaked around 95/96….. then it fell the fuck off!

    These retarded kids with ugly ass face tats and no talent can keep their wack pop music, I'm strictly 80s and 90s Hip Hop to the death!!!

  2. This my first time hearing Dj Premier on Hot 97 mix on my YouTube. But I live in Fresno CA. But Real Hip Hop lives forever 💯💙💯💯 💯👊🏿💜

  3. Mid 90's in (arse part of)Europe all we knew is what MTV played. Couldn't understand as a kid why I adore Wu-Tang but can't stand any other rapper's they play. To hear now how much we missed out on, eg. that Special Ed remix is fire.

  4. I loved that show when you could call up and spit to a beat after they counted you in. I was on once and spit corny shit lol i was 14,15ish and when I hung up my phone my boy called me cuz they all heard. Loved when they had Wu tang on whenever a new Wu solo would come out. Good memories of my childhood and this station as i listen to this.

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